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Every thought, action, email, text, phone call, sleep, dream, dinner, house, and conversation has a vibration or energy field. What determines the energy field is the strength and consistency of a person’s intention. If there is not a focused intention, the momentum of a past vibration takes over that experience or place.

Let me give you a close to home example. Let’s say you wake up from an unrestful sleep and you open up your Instagram feed. There was no thought about it just the pretty colors of the app invited you to press it open. “Let’s see what everyone is doing,” says the voice in your head. You scroll through and you see all these other people’s lives and their stories. Your light inside starts to dim. You begin to compare your yesterday to their yesterday and you begin to feel insecure. “Wow, he is living the dream" or “Woah her girlfriend is so pretty. I wonder how much sex they have.” Or, you turn to a heated political post and suddenly your feelings latch onto the collective feeling of victimization or the fear about our political structure.  A momentum builds and the next thing you know you are drinking your cup of coffee in a dissatisfied or anxious state of existence. Your thoughts lead to fear about the future, insecurity about your life in the present, and a sense of loneliness even if you are in a relationship. You close the app and you sit in your uncomfortable vibrational field and it goes with you every where you go and into all of your texts, your phone calls, your conversations and it minimizes your hopes and dreams for the rest of the day.


The “I VOTED” SALE began this week to start the conversation about the power of intention and the vibration that comes with intended action. If you do not vote you contribute to a vibration that is rampant in our country. It is one of either powerlessness, victimization, or carelessness. Whether you feel your vote doesn't matter because it is only one, you walk around in a state of mind that says- "My vote can't change the country's atmosphere. We are fucked." Or, you don't vote because you're careless about your future. Your vibe may be more like "It doesn't matter what I do because we are all going to die anyway. Plus, I don't like any of the candidates." In a vibrational sense, this screams out into the universe "I don't own my power." This vibration is added to the collective consciousness and the momentum of it becomes bigger and bigger as others add their powerlessness to it as well. It grows and grows and it becomes a part of our society’s undertones on our Instagram feeds and Facebook pages.

If you vote, you are saying to the world, “I value the power I have been given. I value the people that have fought for my power to vote. I value the future, my loved ones, and the future of the next generation. I care about the people and the planet and I believe what I think and do is important. I use the gifts I have been given to my fullest because I value myself.” This is a powerful vibration. This is a “Do not fuck with me or my family” vibration and it leads to more experiences in which you hold control over your future. 

For a moment, think about the vibrations you are emitting. If you are trying really hard in one aspect of your life to “make it” or change for the better, look at all of the vibrations you are emitting in every aspect of your life. Maybe you are playing a role of victim in one of your relationships, maybe you aren’t speaking up at work in fear of being fired, or maybe you are being ruled by the needs and wants of your children. What kind of vibration does that emit into your world and how is is impacting all the other aspects of your life? Imagine being a beacon of energy that emits a specific vibration. That beacon tells other vibrations to come towards it. What you give is what you get, plain and simple. 

The only way it is possible to change your vibration is by becoming aware of it. I am pretty sure that before you go on Instagram you don’t say to yourself, “Today when I go on Instagram I would like to feel a little overweight, a little old, a little poor, a little angry, a little lonely, and a littler bit like a looser.” No, you don’t say that. But on some level, it winds up happening. Why? Because of are not setting an intention for your experience on the gram. The gram and all the people involved have an intention when they post and their energetic field takes over yours. They may not want you to feel badly about yourself but they want to show you how well they are doing. Can you see others doing well and feel happy for them? Can you see an attractive couple or person and be inspired by their beauty? Sure! But that only happens when you set the intention for that to be the case. If you go on the gram in a nonchalant way, you will latch onto the popular vibration of insecurity.  

So, big round about moral of the story is, today when you think about whether or not your are going to vote, see that the ability to vote is a huge opportunity to empower your vibrational field. Let voting be an experiment of how it can lead you into more. More generosity, more forgiveness, more pleasure, more success, etc etc. We really are all in this together. If you are wanting "more" in your life then decide to give more. When you want to be inspired, decide to be inspired. When you want to feel courageous, look for things that will help you feel courageous. Set your intention to be empowered. What you give is what you get.  


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