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Kriya - Refresh Your Lymph System

(Fountain of Youth, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, p. 25)

Lie Down Flat on Your Back. Raise your right leg straight up to 90 degrees. Left leg remains flat on the ground. Hold this position steady and begin raising both your arms at the same time up to 90 degrees and back down to your sides. The arms will pump extremely fast.

This is breast cancer prevention. Stimulates your lymph area and moves the base of the breasts. Must be really fast.  

Switch legs and continue. 3 minutes each side.

Remain Lying Down on Your Back. Raise your arms over your head. Put the tips of the fingers of both hands together and rotate the fingers around. The palms will move towards each other and then out again. At the same time, very slowly raise your legs alternately up and down to 90 degrees. 8 minutes

The tips of your fingers are your brain points  –  you are massaging your brain. 

Remain on Your Back. Extend your legs out to 60 degrees. Then bend your knees and drive your knees into your chest. Legs extend out again and then are brought rapidly to the chest. Hands under your pelvis to support the lower back. You are trying to hit your breasts / chest with your knees. Continue at a rhythmic pace. 3 minutes.

This will bring circulation to the breast / chest area. 

Lie back down flat and breathe through pursed lips and try to relax your body to sleep. 11 to 62 minutes.

Notes from Yogi Bhajan:

“Your pranic body and your auric body must coincide to keep you young and slim. That’s where your youth is. Get going. If you take half and hour to 45 minutes to do a good set of Kundalini Yoga, that will keep you going. I’m not kidding. Even those who do regular sadhana honestly and don’t overdo in other areas can maintain themselves. That’s the minimum.”

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