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Faith is not my favorite word or feeling. I see it as a last resort. I like belief more than faith but sometimes it is necessary to take a leap into the unknown.  

When I find myself reaching for faith, there is often a high level of doubt that I am trying to look beyond. The sweet spot is living in pure belief, or true knowing. Imagine if you lived in a place of belief about all the subjects in your life. There was no question about which way to go, right or wrong, good or bad, the ups and the downs... there was just a sense of security in all of it. Collectively, we are not in a vibration of belief but in a time filled with question and insecurity. This blog arrives to inspire you to consciously CHOOSE faith over doubt and to look beyond the group consciousness that is filled with question. If you found yourself to this post, you are leader in the paradigm shift and your focus is necessary for the collective.   

What am I talking about? We are in the process of moving away from the paradigm of hard work and determination providing us with happiness and fulfillment and into a sophisticated process of vibrational creation. Vibrational creation (I just made this term up but it describes what I am trying to say) is about conscious awareness of the energy we emit as we live our lives. If you are sitting at your desk and you are in an unhappy vibrational state, chances are you are not going to be fulfilled in other aspects of your life. If you are in a volatile relationship and being at home is less than enjoyable, chances are you will emit a scattered vibration and receive more challenges in other aspects of your life. Why is this important to recognize? Because most people are on the search for happiness and fulfillment. In the old paradigm you could put your head down, not pay attention to your feelings, receive a big old paycheck, pay for a house, and stand there beaming with pride about what you have accomplished. Happiness was there waiting for you at the end of the struggle. 

It doesn't work like that anymore! Our consciousness has become much more sophisticated. Gone are the days of something outside of us giving us joy. We are in a paradigm shift in which we are slowly recognizing that nothing outside of us can give to us the feelings of joy, empowerment or fulfillment. This is confusing for such a materialistic society. 

Do you need more proof that we really are shifting into a whole different situation? Take a look around at how many people are now looking up into the sky to help explain what they are going through in their lives. Culturally we are more involved with the planetary movements than we have ever been in history. The collective is beginning to agree that the movements of huge flaming balls in the sky have an effect on our decisions and destiny. WOW!! Take a look around at how many people are not trying to climb the ladder within their own company but are starting their own, never been done before business. This is an indicator that people are unable to punch in and punch out anymore because they are listening to their feelings and are wanting to be in charge of their life experience. Take a look around at the children that are being born into the world that are breaking the mold with their gender preferences. They are changing the paradigm with their mere presence.  How cool is that??!

So many shifts are happening right now that if you don't step back and see them all together in one big picture it can be overwhelming and leave you without faith. As egoic creatures, having goals and destinations is a part of the human experience and whether you find yourself almost at your goal or in mid-climb, this December is showing us our doubts and our fears about what we are working on. The only thing more detrimental than being in a vibration of doubt is not knowing you are in a vibration of doubt. Why? Because that unconscious doubt translates itself into offhand complaints about what is happening in one's life. Those unprocessed feelings and random thoughts are shared with the people we come into contact with and the next thing you know you are complaining about Trump's last tweet and feeling completely powerless over your own life experience. 

The simplest way to upshift your own personal paradigm is to apprehend the vibration of doubt within your own mind. Doubts begin as thoughts but turn into  physical vibrations so in order to change the vibrations, the thoughts must be apprehended. How? Tap into your divine!! Your divine nature is the answer to everything, always! For me my favorite way is to practice Kundalini yoga every morning in order to make sure I have a strong connection with my divine self. When I leave the house I am prepared to the best of my conscious ability to present an energy field of positive, certain vibrations. The more I practice, the better I am at holding this field for longer periods of time without having to go back to the practice for re-connection to my divine. There are so many ways to connect and that is YOUR spiritual practice. What works for me may not work for you at all! There doesn't have to be any chanting or stretching connected to it, the only integral part is that is connects you to you. It can be as simple as taking a walk with your dog, taking a hot shower, jamming out to music, or as simple as closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.

When you connect to your divine, ask yourself the bigger questions like "Am I struggling right now to stay on track? Do I want to keep going in this direction? What am I thinking inside that is creating the resistance on this journey?"

Getting 100% on board with your decisions will eliminate the doubtful vibrations. The crazy thing is, it doesn't really matter what your decisions are, only that you feel good about them. You are a leader in this paradigm shift and there is no one outside of you with the answers. All of your power comes from knowing this and all of your joy comes from inside of you. Pay attention to when your heart sings and your body soars in delight, for you have found your true north. 



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