Join Rebecca Underdown for 5 powerful yoga exercises that can help to re-pattern the mind into an elevated state. 

1. Cat Cow : warm up the spine and move the energy from the lower chakras to awaken the higher chakras. 

2. Squats: warm up the entire body with a powerful 3 minute awakening exercise. Mantra is "Sat" on the inhale, "Nam" on the exhale.

3. Fists of Anger: release emotions of the past from your childhood, 2 weeks ago or 5 minutes ago with this yoga exercise. This can be done as many times a day as you feel necessary but ONLY for three minutes each time. 

4. Addiction Meditation: re-pattern the brain with the mantra "SA TA NA MA" to allow the substances and the emotional responses that your body and mind are addicted to. 

5. Ego Eradicator: set your biorhythm for the day and increase the power of your electromagnetic field so that you attract the things you want, rather than attracting the things you do not want.