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The skin is a detoxification system that in reality is built perfectly but our lives tend to get in the way of it. How? Too much stress which leads to too much alcohol, sugar and not enough rest. Plain and simple. Veridatta's approach to undoing the damage that we do is to promote what the skin naturally does: DETOX. Every single ingredient in every formula has one of three jobs: detox, stimulate or nourish. If an ingredient does not do one of these three things, it is not in the formula. There are no fillers meaning there are no ingredients taking up space. That is why the products are so dense and you do not need a lot of product to do the work. 

How does the system work? The cleanser and the scrub take away the dead skin cells to allow the skin to breathe. CO2 is released from the skin and it is more effective when there are petroleum products stopping the gas from releasing. Skin Tight Toner stimulates the new baby cells to regenerate in a healthy fashion and it prepares the skin for the formulas. The Raw Coconut Day Repair and Naked Night Repair are pure nourishment for the cells. The cells dance in glory when they are fed this caliber of nourishment. Organic ingredients from mother earth are what living and breathing cells need!

A couple of my favorite ingredients are Tamanu Oil (a beautiful dark green sap from Tamanu Trees in New Zealand) Kukui Nut Oil, French Green Clay (used in the creams and help to penetrate the layers of the skin) and magnesium (it helps with absorption).

Every thought, every email, every ingredient has a vibration. If you awaken your awareness of what you are doing and thinking you have the ability to see very quickly which thoughts are unkind in nature. When you see the thought as a thought it looses its power and control over you.

Reading daily affirmations written on the bathroom wall don't get to the core of the issue. Affirmations can be like band aids. Being 100% present and aware of what you are thinking allows you the ability to DETOX the thoughts. It is not just one ingredient in a product that is going to change the integrity of the skin. It is all of the ingredients and most importantly the way you think and treat yourself from the inside.


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