Metabolism Kriya 

(Self-Knowledge, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, pp. 33-34)

You will need a “P” fruit for this kriya (pear, peach, plum, papaya, pineapple, pomegranate, etc.)

Sit in Easy Pose. Pull Root Lock and Neck Lock. Begin moving the arms as if you are swimming. Move vigorously (3 ½ minutes).

Come up onto all fours. Support yourself on your feet and hands. Make the body jump, pushing off so that both your feet and hands are off the ground at the same time (6 ½ minutes).

Repeat Exercise #1.

Cat Stretch. Lie down on your back and cat stretch to the left side and to the right side. Move smoothly and continuously (1 minute).

Bow Pose (with your tongue extended). Lie on your stomach. Apply Root Lock to rotate your pelvis. Roll the tops of the thighs toward each other to protect the sacrum. This will help you to keep the feet touching. Press strongly through the root line into the ground. Pull the shoulder blades down the back to leverage the lifting of the chest. Use the legs to pull against the arms to raise the body up into the position.

Rock on your stomach in Bow Pose as you inhale and exhale strongly through the open mouth (3 minutes).

(Bow Pose is hard for many people, but it is important to get beyond the “bending where you are already bending” syndrome and open new territory in flexibility. If you really want to lengthen your spine out, particularly through the important pelvic muscles, you have to keep the feet and knees close together and use the legs to pull against the arms. You may not come up as high, but it opens up the spine in a far more useful way).

Come up on all fours. Supporting yourself on your hands and feet, begin running in place moving all four limbs like a horse. Move your limbs alternately (3 minutes).

This exercise brings a sensual, sexual and nervous balance.

Stretch Pose. Lie down on your back, engage Neck Lock and Root Lock. This will keep the small of your back pressed into the floor. Raise your head and heels six inches off the floor. Point the hands toward your toes and begin Breath of Fire (2 minutes). Keep yourself rooted so that the small of your back is pressed against the floor. If your back lifts off the floor, keep your breath going, but come down, re-establish your root line and come back up into the posture. To do Stretch Pose correctly, you have to be in Neck Lock. The chest must be lifted to support the head. If you collapse your chest to get your head off the ground, it pressures your lower back to sway and lift off the floor.

Baby Pose. Come up on to the knees and nap for 5 minutes in Baby Pose.

Lie Down on Your Back. Put your arms up at 90 degrees holding your piece of fruit. Relax the rest of your body. Sing along with Mender of Hearts by Singh Kaur (or other appropriate beautiful music). Your body will go through heavy changes during this. Stay relaxed and open up your heart (8 minutes).

Slowly Rise up into Easy Pose with your arms extended out. Still holding your fruit keep your arms straight and continue singing as you offer your fruit, asking the Unknown to bestow its healing energy. Concentrate on your prayer (2 minutes).

Eat Your Fruit.

Fruits are energizing and cleansing. They are used for their capacity to accumulate and store pranic energy for healing.


Posture quotes in Bow Pose and Stretch Pose above taken from the book Divine Alignment by Guru Prem Khalsa.

Sometimes bringing out your inner best is the very secret of success.”

--Yogi Bhajan.

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