Release the past and change addictive patterns in this 11 minute meditation.

Step 1: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Close your eyes and then open them just a little bit. Stare at the tip of your nose.

Step 2: Cross the forearms below the wrists, in front of the chest.

Saa – Infinity

Taa – Life

Naa – Transformation

Maa – Rebirth

Step 3: Begin to chant, Saa – taa – naa – maa as you play the fingers by touching the thumb tip to the fingertips in the following fashion: Saa – touch the tip of the thumbs to the index fingers Taa – touch the tip of the thumbs to the middle fingers Naa – touch the tip of the thumbs to the ring fingers Maa – touch the tip of the thumbs to the pinkie fingers

Step 4: Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale, hold, close the eyes, and become completely still. Relax. The hemispheres will balance; a new sense of peace will ensue. What this meditation does is it synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain which will help to clear subconscious beliefs and imprints. The things that hinder us from having a really connected experience in the real time because it's colored from the experiences of the past. A lot of these imprints are from relationships, beliefs that we've picked up that we are not good enough. When we feel like we're not good enough we look outside of ourselves for things to make us feel better. Those become bad habits and behaviors that are self-destructive. This can eliminate that insecurity and allow us to feel secure and supported within our own self so we don't need to look for it in another or from a substance.