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People be getting a little lax on their resolutions this week. A little tired and a little less focused. By people I mean me. The energy required to stay focused has been high and it is leaving me to feel extremely lethargic. I went to a beautiful yoga class this morning at RA MA in Venice and the teacher asked us to meditate for 33 minutes at the end of class. I knew it was going to be painful exercise but I welcomed the process because I knew it was what I needed to rid myself of the internal bullshit.

When you intend to see the negative mind in its raging glory you have the ability to treat it. In other words, if you have a leak in your pool but you never look where the leak is, you can't ever fix it. The energy required to find the leak and patch the hole is by far less than constantly filling the pool up to remain full. Before this morning I felt like I was filling the pool up and the crack was gaining on me.

The interesting thing about meditation is you can see that it doesn't even have to be the negative mind taking you away from your focus. It can also be your positive mind. Something shiny and new has the ability to take you away from what you are set out to do, have, be just as much as the negative mind. Have you ever gotten what looks like good news and all it did was take you away from your heart's focus? That's a positive distraction but a distraction nonetheless. Our phones are the epitomy of this kind of distraction: a game, an app, texting with someone... they are drenched in good feelings but is it really helping you to experience the things you want to experience?

You have every opportunity at every moment to focus yourself in the direction you want to be facing. Your gaze, your mind, your focus is REQUIRED for you to live your dreams. If you are facing just 10 degrees south or north of your goal then you will not get to your goal nearly as fast or at all if you do not reckon your course. If you are lolligagging and not paying attention to your focus you will wake up to a bunch of loose ends that don't make any sense to your end goal. If you are reading this and you don't know what your end goal is, then start there! Where are you going? What do you want? Everyone is born with the ability to choose what they want but getting it is a matter of choosing it every single day. Focus 365 days of the year requires steadiness and awareness of your pitfalls. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings or you feel really really far from your happy place, sit down for a minute. Take a look at the cracks in your storyline. Meditation gives you the opportunity to see the easiest route to where you want to go. Don't waste your own time listening to a negative story or an uninspired positive one. Your time is precious and so are your dreams. 


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