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When I was little I was very confused and concerned about the whereabouts of Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and God.  I bunched them all into one entity and applied one rule to all of them. If they exist then they should all be able to hear and see me always. I would write notes to Santa Claus during the year and hide them and I would be upset when he did not write back. I would place pennies on my windowsill and ask God to whisk them away so that when I would wake up I would know that he existed. My reasoning was that if a Tooth Fairy can take teeth away and replace them with money, then God could surely take a couple of pennies off of my windowsill. Easy for such a big dude. 

I continued to test the skills of God as I grew up. In college I majored in Religion at BU. It started off as all Religions and then in the later years I narrowed it down to Eastern Religions. I spent freezing cold Saturday and Sunday afternoons on the 4th floor of the Theology library cruising through ancient texts. I kid you not. Thankfully at some point I stopped asking God to prove its existence with a performance. At some point I stopped calling God God and began using the word Universe or Source.

This morning I started to feel the urge to write and I was wondering if I should share with you the miracle that I witnessed this week that inspired the post about ‘You are the miracle.’ Then I realized that may minimize the experience and involve everyone else’s opinion about it. It would introduce a whole layer of doubtful minds into my experience so I thought better of it. 

Instead I dare to say, if you are waiting for something larger than you to deliver a miracle you are going to be waiting a very long time. When you wait in the vibration of ‘prove it’ or ‘show me’ you completely block the possibility of it happening or you block the possibility of witnessing it. 

When I stopped asking Santa Claus to prove himself to me and I let go of the angst around his existence I began to see all the miracles that he supplies. The miracles exist because of the beliefs about this incredible super man!  When I stopped putting the pennies on my windowsill I began to feel better because I was living without needing proof. I decided to believe because it felt better to believe.

It doesn't so much matter what I believe or what you believe or what I deem a miracle or what you deem a miracle. The thing that matters is the belief you have within yourself about yourself. If you believe you are a righteous worthy being and you take a leap of faith into that belief you will experience the miracle that is you. If you wait until you prove it to yourself through accomplishment you close yourself off to the realm of miracles. You live in a mundane world filled with to-do lists and schedules and justifications and reason.  

What is The V Life? It is taking the jump. It is believing you are righteous because it feels good.

See what happens.  

Love and kisses, 

Rebecca #YouAreEnough 

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  • So much wisdom so simply stated.

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