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The skin is a mirror that shows the balance of temperature within the internal organs. When rosacea comes to the surface, which looks like red, blotchy, irritated skin, it is a reflection of heat trapped within the body. 

Think about if you were to eat spicy food for every single meal. Do you think that the spice element could build up in the system, gathering its heat and remaining within the body? Do you think if you drank a cold smoothie for every single meal that the excess coldness could gather and hang out and create coldness within the body? The answer is, of course!

When there is a temperature imbalance in the body, it can focus in a specific organ system like the lungs or the stomach. When there is excess heat within the lungs, it can translate into a sore throat or a dry cough or, redness and inflammation on the skin. This is rosacea! It is not always easy to say how the heat became trapped within the body but once a person is showing rosacea, it is safe to say that there is trapped heat.

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment that clears the heat from the body which then helps to clear the skin. If a person uses antibiotics or steroidal cream to treat rosacea the creams push the heat back in to the body, never clearing the heat or addressing the reason why the heat is there in the first place. This is why these kinds of creams can work for a period of time but once they are not used, the rosacea flares back up. 

It is important to treat rosacea as soon as you begin to experience it because if it is left untreated, the redness turns into blood stagnation which leads to dilated blood vessels and capillaries. When it is just redness, it is easy to treat but once the skin begins to turn purple, it becomes more challenging. 

Veridatta products do not treat the cause of rosacea because they do not clear heat from internal organs in the way an acupuncture treatment does. However, they are non-irritating and they help to keep the skin balanced once the source of the heat is addressed. We have customers that have been using the products for years and have not had any flare-ups using the products. 

The following cause rosacea flare ups but they do not cause rosacea:  

- Alcohol

- Spicy food

- Wind and sun exposure

- Stressful experiences

Please comment if you have your own personal rosacea stories or if you have any questions about Acupuncture and Veridatta products. Rebecca Underdown is a licensed Acupuncturist and is specialized in facial rejuvenation acupuncture.


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