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Sunscreen does not work in your medicine cabinet, your beach bag or sitting in your car. It only works when you put it on your skin. 

What is UV?

UV radiation is part of the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. It has wavelengths shorter than visible light, making it invisible to the naked eye. These wavelengths are classified as UVA, UVB, or UVC, with UVA the longest of the three at 320-400 nanometers (nm, or billionths of a meter). 

Both UVA and UVB, however, penetrate the atmosphere and play an important role in conditions such as premature skin aging, eye damage (including cataracts), and skin cancers. They also suppress the immune system, reducing your ability to fight off these and other maladies.

By damaging the skin's cellular DNA, excessive UV radiation produces genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer. The World Health Organization have identified UV as a proven human carcinogen. Skin cancer is diagnosed in 250,000 Americans each year and melanoma skin cancer kills 8,000 Americans each year.

Chemical vs. physical sunscreen

There are two different kinds of sunscreen: chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen forms a thin, protective film on the surface of the skin and absorb the UV radiation before it penetrates the skin. Physical sunscreens are insoluble particles that reflect UV away from the skin.

Vital Sun is a physical sunscreen that uses zinc oxide which is the only sunscreen approved by the FDA for babies under 6 months old. Zinc Oxide is also the only sunscreen that blocks UVB, UVA1 and UVA2 rays. 

9 Ingredients

Vital Sun is so safe for your body that you can wear it for every single day protection. It is SPF 30 which means it will take 30 times longer for you to have red skin from the sun then if you are not wearing sunscreen. The other ingredients in the sunscreen are: 25% non- nano Zinc Oxide, Water, Extra Virgin, Olive Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, VegetableGlycerine, Shea Butter*, Vegetable Vitamin E, Vegetable EmulsifyingWax NF, Iron Oxides. [*Certified Organic Ingredients]

Skin Tone

We offer Vital Sun in 4 different skin tones. Blanco is for fair skin, Crema is for peachy warm skin, Oliva is for olive skin, and Caffe is for those with tan or dark tones. The formula is color corrective which means it will blend in to your natural skin tone.  

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  • My skin color is “fair”. A pinkish more than peach.. but this time of year I do have a tan (helped along with self tanner). Which color would you recommend? I have silver hair (pink highlights).

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