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Sometimes it is the most basic change in our lives that creates the most powerful effect. My favorite skincare tip is one of this nature because it is the least expected answer to many, many skincare issues. 

Before I blurt it out let me just say that many years ago I wrote about this for FINE Magazine and the feedback I received was incredible. The people that followed through were so ecstatic with the skin conditions that disappeared that I got fruit baskets and emails sent to me for days. Truth.

Without further ado... CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. That's it. That is the life changing skincare tip.  

Instead of grossing you out with facts about your favorite sheet set compressing bacteria into your skin, I'll keep it on the up and up and say, if wearing the same tee shirt two days in a row feels grody to you, wouldn't putting your precious face on the same pillowcase ever night feel just as grode?  

Eczema, irritated skin, sensitive skin, blotchy skin, acne, and last but not least, dull skin can all improve with this simple change. Dull or foggy skin is what I most commonly see. What is foggy skin? Well, some people see auras, I see gas exchange. If the skin looks dewy and transparent, it has a healthy gas exchange through the skin. If the skin looks one dimensional or matte without the use of makeup, the gases are not moving through the skin as well as they could be.  Do you think it is important for the vitality of the whole body to have healthy gas exchange through the skin? You bet your bottom dollar it is.

Every action, every thought, every word has a vibration behind it. The action of changing your pillowcase every night has the vibration of kindness. To create a place for your precious head to rest in a clean environment is a very powerful lifestyle change. Being kind, being loving to yourself becomes your vibrational set point. It attracts more and before you know it you are choosing good foods, good people, good places for yourself. If you have the chutzpa to follow this advice, please please email me or comment below. A small change and a routine done in a vibration of love has the most surprising and extraordinary repercussions. #YouAreEnough #TheVLife #theVGlow

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