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Often the pain and the suffering we experience as humans is not in fact the situation we are in but the judgement we have about the situation we are in. "This isn't what I signed up for," "This is not how I pictured my life to be" or "I do not have enough time to do what I want to do" are the kinds of thoughts that create the experience of anxiety or depression.

I came across the words 'Honor the moment' this week and they helped me to change the story line in my head. In fact, I realized when you truly honor the moment the story line cannot run at the same time. In the present moment the only thing that exists is the truth of your reality. When you stop the mind and experience your surroundings, feel your body, feel your breath, you have the consciousness to realize the difference between what is really happening and what your mind is telling you is happening. 

If you are honest with yourself and look at the black and white facts of the situation you are in the judgements about whether it is good or bad dissipate. You may be saying, "In the present moment I am even more aware that I do not like  the situation especially when I really look at it with focus.” That would be the case if you are looking from your mind’s perspective. The key is to look from your BEING’s perspective. 

TO SEE THE SITUATION FROM YOUR BEING: Start to breathe consciously meaning become aware of your breath. Look down at your body, look at your hands, look around the room, and become aware of all the details. Your BEING is not the story line in your mind but the sacred essence of you. You may connect to this aspect of yourself in fleeting moments during a beautiful song, an inspiring speech, a delicious bite of food, passionate sex, etc. Your BEING is the bigger part of you that deserves your attention and focus because that is who you really are, not the mind made story of who you think you are. You can find this perspective from your BEING at all times, just by making the effort to do so. Becoming aware of wanting to be aware allows the awareness to arise. It is quite simple and available and you don't have to search for the greatest sex of your life but it can be found by simply choosing to be aware.

When you shift your perspective into the one of your BEING and look at the facts around you the situation you have been judging to be hard or not what you want becomes simplified and less emotional. Try it. Look at the situation gathering only the cold hard facts. With unemotional facts you can act powerfully. If you sit in the mind made story line you paralyze your ability to pivot or to keep going. From the position of seeing things from your BEING you can put yours head down and hustle or change your direction. 

To be your best self, stop and honor the moment. Live powerfully from the starting place of now because that is the only place where you are happening. #youarehappening #youAreEnough #theVLife

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  • Love it. I needed to hear that this week, thank you for writing. It brightened my day. Comparing myself to others trips me up to!

    Greta Goforth on

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