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If you can remember one or all of these things you will have glowing radiant skin when you arrive to your destination. 

1. Pack a Lemon. When you get through security, buy a large bottle of water. Find a plastic knife and a disposable cup. Cut the lemon and squeeze it into the cup. Take a big slug of water from the bottle and then pour the cup of lemon juice into the water bottle. Drink the entire bottle by the time you arrive to your destination. 

WHY LEMON WATER? This is about taste and desire. You ever notice how drinking water on a plane feels like a hassle? It has to do with the transformation of fluids in your body. If you add the lemon juice you will be more likely to drink the water and not the jack and coke. With a 12% humidity level you are sitting in a desert and your body NEEDS the water. The lemon will also balance out the pH which is precisely what your cells and blood need.  

2. CALM (Magnesium Powder): Magnesium treats fatigue, inability to sleep, muscle tension, spasms and cramps, anxiousness, headaches, constipation and abnormal heart rhythms. Being stopped by TSA and having my bag searched can't keep me away from these magical minerals. It is not my fault magnesium looks just like cocaine. To get around TSA, travel with the single packets. The proper balance of calcium and magnesium will give your body the ability to rest when it needs rest and therefore the energy you crave.

3. Raw Coconut Day Repair. This is a no brainer. Since this is the majority of what is in my bags anyway, I am ahead of the game on this one. In order to combat the freezing cold desert environment of the plane I put Raw Coconut Day Repair on before the flight, during the flight, and if it was a long flight, after the flight. Dry skin ain't going to sneak up on me! 

4. Peppermint/Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Either one is good. Both open up the sinuses and relieve any sort of tension around the head or neck. Since you are sharing the oil with everyone on the plane I recommend using a scent that is well known and liked. I also recommend using them while no one is looking just in case there's a hater in your area that way you cannot be blamed, only suspected. #hippielife 

5. Dark Chocolate: You ever wonder why stomachaches happen more readily on a flight? It is because if you have gas in your stomach it becomes 10 times worse in the air due to the pressure. Eat a light meal before the flight and skip anything hard to digest! This is where dark chocolate comes in. 

Dark chocolate fixes everything. Ok maybe its a little placebo but it is easy to digest, it manages hunger, it elevates the mood when you are stuck on the tarmac, and it double as a cup of coffee if you don't have a cup of coffee. 


#YouAreEnough #TheVLife 



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