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In. Light. In. 

Instead of thinking of Enlightenment as an elusive impossible to reach destination, what if we broke it down to something more tangible? What if Enlightenment is a feeling of confidence in one's own inner connection that is so strong and steady that the rest of the world poses no threat to that connection? What if Enlightenment is your own little secret that you hold close through all aspects of your day, finding peace and security through every single up and down? What if Enlightenment could be yours to experience every single day?

The reason why so many spiritual leaders tell us to focus on the feeling of connecting with our inner god or goddess is because the experience of enlightenment comes from this exact focus. The only way one can focus enough to reach this understanding is if one sets quiet time away to do so. Like.... meditate! If one is in complete understanding of their forever existence and their infinite connection to all that is, their vibration shifts into one of enlightenment. They understand that they are the source of the light that they previously had been in search of.

Meditation: When you are sitting for your meditation, use your mind to find a feeling of unconditional love. I like to focus on animals or children when I do this because they truly understand unconditional love. Really get into the feeling and bask in it for a couple of minutes. Then take the focus to you. Look at yourself through the eyes of source energy. The easiest way to do this is to imagine yourself as a little kid. There is an innocence there that makes this meditation easy. Find a few minutes of focus here thinking about the unconditional love that source is always shining on you. Do this for a couple of minutes. That is all you need! As you get better and better at this, you will be able to invoke this feeling any time you desire. 

This practice of finding the feeling of unconditional love is one that you should bring with you everywhere. The other day I did this practice while someone was yelling at me and it worked! I didn't give a hoot that they really didn't like what I was doing. Enlightenment is not only for people sitting on mountain tops but it is for all of us, all day and all night long. Enlightenment is for now, not later.  #YouAreEnough 

~ Rebecca


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