INTUITION: Your Path To Infinity (Pre-Order)

INTUITION is a guide for translating energy into powerful manifestations. Every object, experience, physical sensation, thought and relationship has a vibration. Being able to interpret the vibrations of these things gives us the ability to change the vibration. The gift of consciously shifting vibration can be the ultimate power of our intuition. The question, "What do I want?" becomes your mantra, instead of "How do I get what I want?"

My ability to interpret energy began when I met my horse, Jack, 11 years ago. Our conversation initially started by my showing him psychically how I wanted him to jump. Soon, I realized it was not a one-way street as he began to psychically share with me his perspective of the world. Our ability to communicate evolved and became more sophisticated, as he was soon and unexpectedly explaining the energetics of complicated human experiences to me. In 2016, Jack passed away suddenly, but that is the point in which our psychic communication actually intensified…

INTUITION has been a project I have been working on ever since his passing and, as he shown me, it is the how for navigating complicated human experiences like anxiety, addiction and depression. 

In order to reach a broader audience for the book, I am opening up its final section to a small group of people interested in sharing their own questions and life experiences. By pre-ordering the book and signing up to be a part of this endeavor, you will receive an email twice a month with questions about the content of the book. The purpose of this is to include a broader perspective of the human experience than just my own. INTUITION is being published on June 6th. Let's get jumping! 

Please email any questions you have about being a part of this group; rebecca@veridatta.com.

~ Rebecca