MORNING: Sea Foam Cleanser

A sophisticated cleanser that gently detoxifies the skin in order to fight acne and wrinkles all at the same time. The true cause of acne breakouts are due to the blockage of sebaceous glands which then overproduce oil, therefore creating a buildup which produces pimples.  Similarly, pre-mature aging or wrinkles are due to a lack of nutrient supply caused by a lack of transportation beneath the layers of skin.  The Sea Foam Cleanser uses minerals from lakes to promote the natural flow of the skin and to allow for the absorption of Veridatta's Skin Tight Toner and Raw Coconut Day Repair.

• Coconut salts gently cleanse the layers of the skin
• Organic Grapeseed Oil balances the cleansing actions of the cleanser
• Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy acid, penetrates sebaceous substances in the hair follicles and exfoliates the pores
• Kaolin clay purges the skin of impurities by increasing the passageway of the skin layers

Who benefits:
Formulated for all skin types. Ideal for those that are looking for an anti-aging cleanser that prevents acne breakouts at the same time.


Water, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Polyglucose (sourced from coconut oil), Sulfosuccinate, Salicylic Acid, Stearic Acid, Sodium Borate, Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol, Beeswax*, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Guar Gum, Essential Oils.* [*Certified Organic Ingredients]

How to Use:

Wet face. With dry hands, take a scoop of the cleanser and massage the face. Cleanser can sit on face for up to 10 minutes, working as an acne treatment. Rinse thoroughly. Best if used once a day to prepare the skin for Skin Tight Toner and Raw Coconut Day Repair.