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Here are three sentences and be honest with yourself if one of them rings true to you: "I need to work on my boundaries, "I have boundary issues," or "That person sucks out my energy."  If the answer is yes to one of them, you are like 100% of the population.

Being an Acupuncturist and Theta Healer I have to be really clear with myself about my boundaries when seeing a client. In school we were trained to not 'take on' someone's energy while treating them. This is something I have really struggled with because I didn't know how to help someone without feeling their troubles. As I became more and more sensitive to subtle vibrations within people in order to manipulate the energy in their channels to help shift the physical body, I also began to feel everything they were feeling. This was exhausting. Another tactic I tried was to be stark cold in my sensitivity in order to help them from a very diagnostic intellectual approach. More doctor like. But that didn't really feel right either because I always had to keep my guard up and I was unable to be myself. Again, exhausting. 

At times I felt very lost in how to navigate this conundrum. It wasn't until many of my clients started having the same problems within their own life. Since we are all becoming more energetically advanced because our consciousness is rising, more people have the same concerns about their boundaries. I often hear the terms 'energy vampire' or 'energy suck' and people are referring to being zapped of their own energy when in the presence of someone at a lower vibration. 

The epiphany I have had about how to deal with all of these messy boundary issues came to me through a detailed investigation of myself about all the things I like and more importantly all the things I don't like about myself. Picture if you had a drawer in which you feared to open, to know the contents of, and ignored that drawer until it became the scariest unknown place in the world. That is what we do with judgements about ourselves. When you open the drawer and shed a light on the contents, you can see there is not much going on to be afraid of or even dislike. It's just stuff. When I was able to see everything clearly, I found that I didn't even care about the things in the drawer. I didn't even have to forgive those things in the drawer, and I definitely didn't have to try so hard to change them, hide them, or ignore them. This is acceptance right? What a powerful experience. 

In that acceptance I then began to shift my beliefs about other people. Instead of being fearful of the 'dark' things inside of others or negative things within others, I saw them without judgement. "They are what they are" or "they do what they do" began be my feeling towards everyone. In finding this level of acceptance for others and their negativity I stopped being afraid of what they could impose on me and I began to be less and less affected by anyone. Without any effort, without setting 'boundaries' I was able to be myself and remain unaffected by anyone else's energy field. 

So the take-away, boundaries are as important as you think but try taking a new approach. Instead of forcing them to exist in order to protect yourself, let go of the inner judgements of what is good and bad and wrong and right. The only way to let go of them is to see them for what they are. If you can accept the things within yourself that you don't even like you can decide to change them or not care about them. Either way they loose their power. When they loose their power within yourself, they loose their power in other people and you become aware that no one can take anything from you and no one can assert anything into your experience.  

The most interesting part of this experience is that when you become sturdy in your connection with self, it is extremely easy to speak your truth clearly to others. Saying no to someone no longer seems like a chore but a necessity. Getting super clear on your level of self acceptance leads to the ability to easily and lovingly tell another where your line is. This power, this self assuredness is the feeling of being UNBOUND. Without your own judgements hindering you there is nothing you cannot be, or do, or have.


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