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The world has taken the words 'self' and 'conscious' and has defined the experience as being preoccupied with self and it being an unpleasant experience. There is private self-consciousness and public self-consciousness and these are different personality traits that do not correlate to each other. Private self-consciousness is the tendency to introspect and examine one's inner self and feelings. Public self-consciousness is an awareness of the self as it is viewed by others. This kind of self-consciousness can result in self-monitoring and social anxiety. 

Let’s take a different look at the idea of self-consciousness and label it as positive self-consciousness and negative self-consciousness. 

Why should I care about this? 

Self-consciousness or self-awareness is the key to unlocking the personal experience of happiness, freedom, enthusiasm, prosperity, and contentment. 

The levels of self-consciousness, public or private, is rampant in our society and pertinent to the age of the selfie. Shouldn’t we take a look at what is going on in the undercurrents? If being self-conscious can lead to something so terrible as to be uncomfortable in front of family and friends but self-awareness can lead to something so powerful as enlightenment, don’t you think there is something missing in our education about self and perception of self?

I do!

Negative self-consciousness is through the lens of someone that is judging themselves in a negative way. They are taking either ideas of the past or hopes for the future and placing them into the now and they are not happy with what is. This presents itself as insecurity, scarcity, doubt, fear of the future, worry and anxiety. What alleviates this kind of discomfort? Drugs, sex, and rock and roll! 

Positive self-consciousness is through the lens of feeling love, truth, honesty, kindness, and it radiates into confidence and grace. Therefore the experience of this kind of consciousness is incredible! Inspired! Enthusiastic! Attractive! The experiencer becomes the light in the room and others are drawn to it. This is beauty. This is one’s true nature in complete alignment and presence.

What can I do to feel positive self-consciousness?

The power lies in true acceptance of self. See things for how they are, not how you want them to be or how they used to be. The emotional discontent that arises about self or perception of self happens when you pull a story from the past or a hope for the future in your present moment. 

When you come to your present moment in the state of acceptance, of letting everything be ok as it is, a subtle powerful energy comes in to provide self-assuredness. Ultimately I am just writing words here and until you try it for yourself, you will not understand what that is or what it feels like. It can only be accomplished by you.

I’ll try my best to use to gentle words to describe what kinds of thoughts could soothe someone into a feeling of acceptance. Let’s take the example of a woman getting ready for a party that is normally negatively self-conscious at parties but really wants to try bringing her meditation practice into her every-day life. 

Positive Self-Conscious Routine:

I bathe.

I see my body in the water. I feel my body in the water. I see my hands hold the soap. I see my legs and their shape in the water. I see my stomach and its shape in the water. I relax into the warmth of the water. I relax into my breath. I relax into the body that is mine, that is me. (Be in your body as it is. Find there is nothing wrong with it. There is only something wrong with it if you bring in your past or your future. Be in the present with it).  

I prepare my face. 

I wash my face. I dry my face.  I look at my face.  I see it for what it is now, not what it was. I see I have glowing skin. I see the shape of my nose. I see the shape of my lips. I see where my hairline begins. I put my blush on. I put my eyeliner on. I put my mascara on. I have love for my face. I have appreciation for its structure, its strength, its power. I have love for my eyes, for their truth, for their story. My eyes connect me to my eternal nature. I have love for my smile, for its happiness, for its ability to share happiness. I love my neck and its feminine beauty, its vulnerabilty, its maternal sweetness. I have love for my cheeks, for their joy, for their love of life. (Be with your face as it is. There is nothing wrong with it. There is only something wrong with it if you bring in your past or your future. Be in the present with it). 

I dress.

I choose my pants that fit me today. I choose my pants that feel good on my body today. I choose my pants that make me feel good about who I am. I choose my blouse that catches my heart. I feel acceptance for my body in my clothes. I feel powerful in my acceptance for my body. (Be with your body and your wardrobe as it is in the present. Choose the pants that fit here and now. There is nothing wrong with the pants that fit here and now if you do not bring in the past or the future. Be present with your pants). 

Acceptance is the gift that unveils all that you are right here and now. It is enough. It has to be. Now is all you have. #YouAreEnough #Veridatta #TheVLife

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