R E S U L T S ~ D R I V E N ?

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Are you results driven? I am. That is why I came up with the V line in the first place. After spending hundreds of dollars on skincare products that left me without a wow, I decided the only way to get what I wanted was to create it. Veridatta was born out of necessity and for the desire to share its power with friends and family.

The interesting part about being results driven is often the goal becomes so important that the state of mind getting to the goal is overlooked or even worse, blatantly ignored. 

In the beginning stages of the company I was so concerned with expansion that I would ignore my state of mind in order to get achieve my goal. I would push myself through tough times and when I would finally arrive to the destination more often than not I would be emotionally and physically spent. 'Happiness' no where to be found. 

I will not waste your time using a catch phrase here about enjoying the journey and the importance of it but rather share with you the one thing that helps me experience more fun and freedom along the way.

I let go of the need to be understood by others without letting go of human connection.

Human connection and being understood by others is not the same thing and we often interchange the two. Human connection is possible without being understood. 

From a young age we are taught that being accepted or understood by others is important. Being well liked in school or chosen for the team or the club are things that most parents hope for their kids. Why wouldn’t it be, right? 

If we wait to be understood by another before we can take a deep breath and feel good, we could spend our entire life waiting. If we spend our breath explaining and justifying to others our reasoning, we aren’t spending our time enjoying the journey.  

Some of the most successful people in our world today struggle with secret loneliness and depression. Why? As a society we place way more emphasis on what other people think about us than what we think about us. 

Today I implore you to ask yourself, "What do I think about me? How do I feel about me?"

The next time you are tempted to text or call someone to explain your reasoning for being, hang out in the place of being misunderstood. Take some deep breaths there and see how it feels. If you can bear it, let that empower you to do it again and again and again. Eventually your true power replaces the feeling of discomfort. Confidence comes from the acceptance of who you are through the eyes of you, not through the eyes of others. 

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