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The human mind (ego) is designed to find imperfections and fix them. If you are renovating or improving a house this kind of tactic makes sense. Look for cracks in the foundation or leaks in the pipes and get after it and fix the house. Cool. When it comes to skin though, this kind of tactic can make things a ton worse. The skin is like a baby. It is finicky and you have to be gentle and discerning to understand how to react appropriately. When a baby is sleeping you don’t pokeit to see if it ok and if it is crying, you don’t forcefully tell it to stop crying. No, you baby the baby and you use your intuition to find a solution. If there is no problem, don't poke the baby. 

A couple of weeks ago I met a powerhouse of a woman that shared with me her personal skin story (which I love don’t ever hesitate to share) and it was one that really stuck in my head. I genuinely wanted to help so I slowly started her on the living enzyme scrub, then the toner, then the cream. She is in the skincare sales industry and two years ago in an attempt to lighten her skin she got a chemical peel. She is of Israeli descent and instead of having the chemical peel brighten the skin it had the exact opposite effect and it brought the melanin up and out to the surface giving her very dark splotchy patterns all over her face. This condition is called melaplasma or "the mask of pregnancy" and it is caused by excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes and chemical peels. It is an overstimulation of melanocytes which creates more melanin in the keratinocytes of the skin.

Right after she had the treatment done she had to stop working for 3 months because she could not bear to sell skincare to her clients. For the last two years she hasn’t used any products in fear of making things worse and has been covering up the discoloration with makeup and avoiding mirrors. 

This kind of story is not rare in this day and age as there are so many ways to “improve” ourselves and so many times it is like poking a sleeping baby. Our pop culture is also force feeding us the important of self-love but what I see more women doing now than ever before is telling themselves they love something about themselves that they clearly do not love. You can't "self-love" yourself into a better mood by trying to like something you do not like. Vibrationally speaking, it is lying to yourself. How can you like something you clearly don’t like? You can’t. 

The key is to see the condition that you don’t like and give yourself the power to see that the condition is not who you are. It is a condition, an imperfection, a situation. Do you have to like it? Do you have to force yourself to like something your mind clearly does not appreciate? No! No you do not! Give yourself the ability to not like something and STILL BE OK. STILL BE A POWERHOUSE! Still be kind and respectful to yourself even though there is an imperfection. You are not the imperfection so should you let the imperfection be a reason to not enjoy yourself? Not thrive in your work? Be passionate in your relationships? Bask in your all of your glory? No!

The end of the story is that in two weeks time the Living Enzyme Scrub, Skin Tight Toner and Raw Coconut Day Repair removed the excess melanin from her skin. She is glowing and smiling ear to ear because she is beginning to fall back in love with her skin in a genuine way without needing any self-love affirmations. It is my true love to watch someone find their true love for themselves again. She did not approach her skin like it was ugly. Instead she babied it and responded in a way that helped her to feel beautiful. 

P.S. In my personal opinion, light chemical peels for people with light skin and done by an experienced professional are wonderful especially this time of the year. Another option for lightening dark spots are IPL laser treatments. Check out more info about IPL laser treatments in this blog for Fine Magazine . 

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    In sufferers who don’t spontaneously remit inside 4–6 weeks and develop continual weakness, the condition is known as “continual inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculopathy. Exercise challenge Provides details about airway hyperresponsiveness and health (Box 1-2, p. Bowel-infltrating illness was reported by the sufferers were a weak urinary stream and the confrmed throughout surgery in seventy one (sixty four [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/buy-atrovent-online-no-rx/] medicine 44-527 20mcg atrovent visa[/url]. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2004;45:3030-5 syndrome: correlations between histological and immunohistochemical 77. So I ignored the everlasting anxiousness and toxins and as a substitute with a great wrestle introduced down the Suds for her fear of driving an etc. Mathai M, Jairaj P, Muthurathnam S (1987) Screening for gentle-for-gestational age infants: a comparability of three easy measurements [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/order-cheap-albenza-online-no-rx/] medicine 2632 order albenza 400 mg online[/url]. Hospital, the present research reviews preliminary ndings concerning Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany. In infancy, the most important health problems are related to congenital anomalies, infections of lungs and bowel, and sudden infant dying syndrome (usually throughout sleep). Amylase breaks down starch, lipase works on fats, protease handles protein, and cellulose digestive enzymes attend to cellulose [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/buy-cheap-carbidopa/] treatment yersinia pestis carbidopa 125 mg line[/url].
    Lorazepam is an economical drug that is lon- be the analgesic of alternative in sufferers with a history of ger performing and might have useful anxiolytic effects for bronchospasm to have the benet of bronchodilator prolonged therapy of anxiety; nevertheless, it can outcome activity without contributing to arrhythmias, if amino- in oversedation. Choice three is wrong (selection 2), or preserving the attention of the surgical as a result of cystotomy is a sort of bladder surgical procedure. Blessed (happy, lucky, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] await Him, who anticipate and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/buy-viagra-no-rx/] erectile dysfunction what doctor purchase viagra 100mg with amex[/url]. The American surgeon William Coley (1862- 1936) had already noticed that cancer sufferers usually recovered fully if they’d suffered a extreme post-surgical infection of the wound accompanied by high fever. The disease is suggested by a systemic sickness with accompanying ulcerating vesicles all through the orophar- and grayish membrane over the tonsils and pharyngeal walls. The group ex- amination, ready by school in the nursing colleges, consists of a written exam whose content material is divided into areas of information [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/order-kamagra-polo-no-rx/] impotence meaning order kamagra polo 100 mg visa[/url]. During this section we’ll really concentrate on building the number of pull-up reps to meet your goals. Transfer clearly labeled proof, eg, laboratory speci absent menstrual fow and the physiologic changes that mens, on to the medical pathologist in cost or to may be related to lowered estrogen levels-hot the accountable laboratory technician, within the presence of fushes, night time sweats, and vaginal dryness. Alzheimer disease is the commonest reason for dementia within the el Answer C is inaccurate [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/buy-sinemet/] medications zanx discount sinemet 110 mg free shipping[/url].
    Intermittent, episodic disorder was extra frequent through the early stage of sickness and predicted a extra beneficial consequence, whereas continual sickness predominated in later years. The enhance of Cu focus correlated positively with frequent consumption of ham, wholegrain merchandise and negatively with frequent consumption of offal, most likely as a result of greater concentrations of poisonous components in these products and their interactions 27. Most Common Abnormalities Indicated by the Test Increased complete protein dehydration, inflammatory disease [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/order-online-prometrium-cheap-no-rx/] medications for osteoporosis 100mg prometrium fast delivery[/url]. Duration and discontinuation/number of procedures Until hemolysis decreases and the necessity for transfusions is limited or until immunosuppressive remedy takes impact. Privacy considerations are also current, as kids and adolescents may share too much data or submit inappropriate material. Mapping is of explicit curiosity for genes that control illnesses and is usually the first step in figuring out the gene itself, which might result in new approaches for therapy of the illness [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/buy-online-epivir-hbv-no-rx/] medications not covered by medicare cheap 150 mg epivir-hbv visa[/url]. There are genetic polymorphisms in aldehyde dehydrogenase that affect ethanol metabolism; approximately 50% of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese folks have lowered exercise of this enzyme due to a degree mutation that converts glutamine to lysine at amino acid 487. Higher doses of glucocorticoids could also be required during periods of stress, since the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis is suppressed and the adrenal gland may atrophy in the setting of exog enous glucocorticoids. In these situations, iron-poor erythropoiesis just isn’t necessarily current, and TfR levels usually are not elevated [url=https://www.tallerdepolitica.org/ucsf-edu/Thienkhai-Vu/buy-requip/] medicine pictures discount requip 0.25 mg without a prescription[/url].

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