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This morning I found myself trying to hail a cab on 72nd street and Amsterdam in the midst of a snowy rain storm without an umbrella wearing a leather jacket. As the minutes ticked by and I became more and more soaked, I started to think, 'This is getting real, real quick." I was going to miss the bus back home and I needed to get back in time for a photoshoot. 

A block away I saw a cab stop and in hopes that someone may be getting out I started to run towards it pulling my large suitcase behind me. I stand outside of the car hoping the woman inside was planning on getting out. As she slowly and reluctantly steps out she looks me in the eye and gives me a big smile. Her message was clear- "Enjoy the ride."

As I start to loudly state '69th and Lex!' I am interrupted by the driver with a louder "Good Morning Miiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss!" I quickly switch gears. I realize my luck has turned around and I am going to have a pleasant ride to the bus. Without hesitation the driver, a beautiful glowing man begins to share with me the secrets of his life. 

"Love, love, love!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! Simple, simple, siiiiiiiiiimple Miss!" It was always the third time he would say a word that it would start to make sense to me. His tactic was brilliant. 

I rarely interrupted him for his secrets were so powerful I didn't want to slow him down. I asked him, "What would you say to someone if they said they want to love themselves mores?" He pauses and replies, "Ah that is a good one Miss." He reaches out and touches his dashboard with his finger. "Touch. Touch is what helps one figure out the body and the blessing of life. Enjoy your body, enjoy your movement, enjoy the feeling of your body." I nod and agree. 

Jorge continues to tell me that he has been married 5 times because he loves love, he was born to love, and he will die loving. The skin of his face is gorgeous. He is completely radiant and glowing and I sit there in complete and utter awe of  this ecstatic man so happy to tell me about the secrets to happiness. 

"Can you be comfortable being the biggest looser in the midst of the biggest winners, Miss?" His point was to say that ambition, greed, impatience, stress, ownership can lead to winning and being on top but they have a large price to pay. If you can comfortably be misunderstood in the midst of those searching for themselves through the acquiring of objects then you become the biggest winner of them all. The biggest winner is the one that enjoys each moment, that does their very best in in every thing they do, that finds appreciation for the experience of life. That the purpose of life is for the experience and that experience is a choice. The choice is all yours and if so chosen, life can be filled with enjoyment, love, pleasure, contentment, peace, appreciation, and joy.  

I feel my breath becoming more and more comfortable as I acknowledge I don't want the cab ride to end. I feel I could listen to him all day. I begin to get out my payment only to watch the bus drive away in front of us. Without skipping a beat he turns the meter back on and aggressively starts chasing the bus without slowing down sharing the secrets to life. "Simple, simple, simple, Miss." 10 blocks later he places the cab in front of the bus deliberately stops the bus in its trip.  As I get out I thank him for the best cab ride of my life. I feel the big tip is not nearly enough to communicate by gratitude but as he reaches back and gives me a pound I suddenly feel the tip is enough, my smile back is enough, my listening is enough, my presence is enough. I realize it doesn't matter what I do for he is going to be just fine without me. He is going to feel what he wants, be what he wants, and enjoy all that he wants. Thank you Jorge, I made it to the photoshoot and injoyed, injoyed, injoyed. 

#YouAreEnough #theVLife


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