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Can you give without expecting anything in return? Can you enjoy the moment without making it a means to an end? One of the most challenging aspects in relationships is the constant tally “If I do this for you then you will do this for me, right?” It is this kind of thinking that sets us up for disappointment. How many times have you given a gift and have received nothing in return? Our egos drive us to do things in order to get something out of it. If we let go of the need to be rewarded would our relationships be more authentic and filled with less obligation? Absolutely.

The Malibu fires were life changing for me. In an earlier post I shared the feeling of security I received due to the connection to human beings and the need to survive. It also shed light on what stops me from my own joy. Yesterday when a situation was going from shitty to shittier I realized I could take my usual route and stop openly giving and loving because I was fearful I would not receive anything in return. Or, take a new route and give without any expectation. Vulnerably loving. I let go of the attachment of what I wanted and watched it sail away into the distance. Moments later I was filled gratitude. Actual real gratitude. For a situation only moments before completely sucked. How is this possible!?

Thanksgiving is always focused on being grateful for what you have, have, have. I have this and this and this and this and this and this and wow I am so lucky. I’ve seen so many people struggling with attachments. Being attached to a dream, a house, a relationship, an expected outcome. Tomorrow, when you have a moment to yourself, see if you can view the attachments in your mind (not your email) that possess you. Could you let them go? Why is this a powerful meditation? Because it is your attachment that will always hold you back from living in the present. Always. The ability to perform as a human being without holding tight to attachments will be the currency of the future. #YouAreEnough #TheVLife

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